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You work all week. Then the weekend gets here & you try to pack your whole life into 2 days. You do everything that there wasn't time for or you were too tired to do during the week. 

Your weekend is when you have your girls night out. You go to parties & concerts or have a spa day. It's where you fit in family time. The weekend is when you live your life.

On top of the fun stuff, you have life maintenance to take care of. You clean the house, do laundry & prep food for the week. You go shopping, run errands & catch up on your shows. If you have kids, you can add practices, games, and whatever other activities they do to your weekend list.

You're tired of trying to pack your whole life into 2 days. 

When you think about it, your weekend is WAYYY more packed than any weekday, but that doesn't change the fact that during the week you feel unbalanced, overwhelmed, & exhausted.

The way things are going now, you barely have time to enjoy anything. 

But, what if you didn't have to pack your whole life into 2 days?

What if you could live your life every day? 

Imagine how your life would change if..

You did things you loved every day...

You had more time for you & your family...

You felt balanced & had more energy.

You DESERVE to enjoy all your life. Not just 30% of it.

Live Your Life Every Day will show you simple powerful tools that will let you take your life back.

Live Your Life walks you through...

Figuring out how you really want to spend your day. There's no generic "I wish I had more time for me." I'll show you how to figure out what that means to you. We'll figure out what things you want to add to get the most out of your time.

How to use emotions to get more of what you want.

Putting it all together so that you spend time doing more of what makes you happy & sometimes even eliminating the things that drain your time & energy.

 " Andrea Richie's live your life course is an easy program to follow, and better not only yourself but your life. I have to say, the only issue I have personally is the motivation, I've told Andrea before I am just to tired to do anything after work through the week, I look forward to sitting on my couch and doing absolutely nothing, but at the end of the day I don't feel great about it and sometimes even guilty...
However, just doing one thing for myself every day "besides sitting on the couch" is absolutely in reach for me. And her to do list strategy, completely doable. This way I can actually feel good or accomplished after my long day at work. I am really going to try to follow this program, and feel better about myself and my crazy life. Thank you Andrea!"

~Alex P.
The course includes...
*My Live Your Life Every Day (not just on the weekend) Welcome video
*My Live Your Life Every Day (not just on the weekend) audio training course
*My Live Your Life Every Day (not just on the weekend) worksheets

Energetic Healer & Goal Strategist

Andrea Richie

Andrea Richie is an intuitive transformation coach who believes you deserve to live your dream life & deep down you know what you want. She has studied personal development, law of attraction, eft, energy work, and mentoring for over 10 years. She transformed her life from living paycheck to paycheck & working full time crazy bar hours to an Extraordinary life where she has plenty of time to travel, cook, and do the things she loves. During this transformation she found her calling as an intuitive transformation coach for smart driven women who are tired of settling for a life that makes them think "THIS CAN’T BE ALL THERE IS." Using a combination of powerful tools & energy work she helps them reach their goals faster create their dream life without having to start from scratch. Andrea has used these techniques in a 1:1 setting to help others create lives they love. Now she's has taken everything she's learned over the years and put them together in one place so more people have everything they need to create a life they love living.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • live intro

  • 2

    What Do You See?

    • What Do You SEE

    • Do vs Want

    • What do you like to do

  • 3

    How Do You Feel?

    • How do you feel

    • How do you feel

    • EFT

  • 4

    Make It Happen

    • Make It Happen

    • Make it happen

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