From Average to Dream Life in 15 Min a Day

taught by Andrea Richie

Course description

A life filled with things you want to do & experiences that light you up sounds great, but....

It's overwhelming & a little scary.

You're finally putting yourself first. But there's a part of you that's terrified you're gonna screw it all up. Make the wrong choices. And end up exactly where you started. Living an average life that leaves you feeling empty.

You see other people living the life you want, so you know it's possible. You're just not sure how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The answer is being able to SEE IT.

Stepping into the person who has everything you want & has reached all your goals...
Having the confidence to take action & know what's the right choice for you...
Seeing your opportunities & taking them...
Letting go of your blocks & resistance.

Your mind doesn't know the difference between real & imagined. Use that to your advantage. Practice living your dream life by seeing it with these visualization audios.
Andrea Richie
Andrea Richie
Energetic Healer & Goal Strategist

Andrea Richie is an energetic healer, intuitive life guide & goal strategist. She believes you deserve to live your dream life & deep down you know what you want. She has studied personal development, law of attraction, eft, energy work, and mentoring for over 10 years.

She transformed her life from living paycheck to paycheck & working full time crazy bar hours to an Extraordinary life where she has plenty of time to travel, cook, and do the things she loves. During this transformation she found her calling as an energetic healer for smart driven women who are ready to stop limiting themselves with how things "should" look & create their version of their goals.

Using a combination of powerful tools & energy work she helps them reach their goals faster without having to start from scratch.

Andrea has used these techniques in a 1:1 setting to help others create lives they love. Now she's has taken everything she's learned over the years and put them together in one place so more people have everything they need to create a life they love living.

Course Curriculum

Step into Your Best Day
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Up Your Vibe
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Let The Day Go
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