F*ck the Shoulds

A Guide to getting out of your own way | taught by Andrea Richie

Course description

You have BIG dreams, but you can never quite make them happen. You’ve tried everything. You get close, but there’s something missing. You’d give anything if you could just figure it out.

You can.

Sometimes the problem is it’s too simple. We feel like the big things need to be hard or complicated, so that’s what we create.

F*ck the Shoulds is broken down into the 4 ways we hold ourselves back. Vision, mindset, aligning & doing. When one of these are holding you back, it’s like hiking with a rock in your shoe. You can get to where you want to go, but it’s gonna be painful. You’re gonna want to stop. And it’ll take a whole lot longer to get there.

Everybody talks about vision. It shows you where you're trying to go. But, no one talks about how to make sure your vision is YOURS. A huge part of the problem (the reason so many people are unhappy with their lives) is you're trying to live someone else's vision. I show you easy ways to create a vision that's uniquely yours.

Learn how to take your mindset to the next level. Your mind is sneaky, but it really does have your best interests at heart. It's just trying to keep you safe & happy. You get stuck when the 2 of you have different ideas on what will make that happen. F*ck the Shoulds will show you how to get your mindset on board.

Being Aligned has become the new IT thing, but what does it mean? I'll explain it all (it's pretty simple) & show you easy ways to shift into alignment.

Finally we finish with daily practices to get the most out of your efforts. Don't worry, we're not adding a bunch of extra stuff to your day, we'll put together ways to make these things part of what you're already doing.

F*ck the Shoulds shows you how to get all of these pieces to work together. It brings you back to the basics. Combine mindset with powerful tools & it’s easy to get out of your own way. Then the results you’ve been chasing finally begin showing up minus the struggle.

Andrea Richie
Andrea Richie
Energetic Healer & Goal Strategist

Andrea Richie is an energetic healer, intuitive life guide & goal strategist. She believes you deserve to live your dream life & deep down you know what you want. She has studied personal development, law of attraction, eft, energy work, and mentoring for over 10 years.

She transformed her life from living paycheck to paycheck & working full time crazy bar hours to an Extraordinary life where she has plenty of time to travel, cook, and do the things she loves. During this transformation she found her calling as an energetic healer for smart driven women who are ready to stop limiting themselves with how things "should" look & create their version of their goals.

Using a combination of powerful tools & energy work she helps them reach their goals faster without having to start from scratch.

Andrea has used these techniques in a 1:1 setting to help others create lives they love. Now she's has taken everything she's learned over the years and put them together in one place so more people have everything they need to create a life they love living.